The project SUMMER MUSIC PARK, open-air successfully launched last year in the Botanical Garden, will again be held in August in St. Petersburg. Now two weekend you can hear “A Tempo Orchestra” under the guidance of Anton Gakkel, as well as the performance of soloist-cellist Dmitry Ganenko and opera singers. Popular classics, Hollywood melodies and
Ilya Kabakov is a very major figure in Moscow Conceptualism, a member of the late generation of Soviet artists to have won worldwide recognition. He is famous for the creation of a new genre – the total installation, in which the work is not an individual object, but an entire integral space, within which viewers
Erarta Museum proudly presents a sculptural show of the most famous Surrealist artist — Salvador Dalí. Aside from painting, Dalí was an interdisciplinary artist in every way, widely recognised as a writer, illustrator, jewellery designer, film maker and sculptor, and the aim of this exhibition is to delve into and explore the latter. Surrealism as
The State Russian Museum, The Stroganov Palace Two hundred historical views of Moscow from the collection of the Russian Museum, first presented to the general public, continue the cycle of a photographic retrospective of “Journey through the Russian Empire” and are dedicated to the 870th anniversary of the Russian capital. The exhibition presents a multifaceted

Usadba Jazz Festival (28.07)

For lots of people Saint Petersburg is known as the culture capital of Russia, the city of Imperial grandeur and the Russian October revolution. However, a few of them know that it is also a birthplace for jazz in Russia, the city where the first jazz bands were jamming back in the beginning of the
State Russian Museum, Mikhailovsky Castle Exhibition “Works of contemporary Chinese artists, participants of the Shanghai Art Fair” is an interesting cut of the artistic situation of modern China. Selected at the Shanghai Fair for display in the Russian Museum, the work is designed to illustrate the diversity of artistic trends and vectors of the development
The Summer Festival of Arts “The Access Point” is one of the biggest event of site-specific art in Europe, a large celebration of contemporary culture that takes place annually in St. Petersburg, Russia. It gives panoramic view of the non-conventional kinds of theatre, contemporary fine and interdisciplinary arts paying its special respect to the immersive
On the night of July 23rd the Palace bridge bacame the stage for a new music show called Singing Bridges. Every night till September 25th the Saint Petersburg briges will open to the sound of classical music compositions selected specifically for this project. “For many citizens and guests the raising of briges is one of
Loft “Floors” presents the exhibition “Unknown Van Gogh”, timed to the 165th anniversary of the birth of the Dutch artist. During his life he created more than 2 thousand works – 930 paintings and 1100 drawings and sketches. They became valuable after the demise of the master and today they head the lists of the

Eifman ballet (04.07.18 – 16.07.18)

Boris Eifman, the founder and creator of his own theater, his own style, and his own ballet universe, who is called “one of the leading choreographers in the world” and an “amazing magician of the theater”, was born in 1946 in Siberia, and from early childhood he wanted to express his feelings and his thoughts
Welcome to the XX Anniversary International Contemporary Dance Festival OPEN LOOK 2018 in Saint Petersburg! Since 1999, the Festival has been held annually in July. This year Russia is very lucky to have become the Mecca of football. Even though only for a short period of June and July, but still. And since we are