Vladimir Antoshchenkov. Metamorphosis of the Cube. 28.11.2018 — 11.02.2019 The Metamorphosis of the Cube exhibition at Erarta Museum showcases the artist’s hand-made geometric structures created in the 1990s alongside the computer graphics taking his spatial exploration one step further.   Vladimir S. Antoshchenkov, architect, member of faculty at the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and
Sergey Kichigin. The geometry of water. 12.12.2018 — 27.01.2019 Erarta Museum presents a portrait gallery of snowflakes.  Getting hold of his first professional camera, the economist and civil servant Sergey Kichigin immediately pointed his lens at the natural beauty of the Russian North and, in particular, the snow. His photographic experiments were inspired by the
Mikhail Zvyagin. Black water. 06.12.2018 — 18.02.2019 Erarta Museum presents an exhibition of paintings by Michail Zvyagin, an artist with a unique vision of the country’s journey through the past 50 years.  Mikhail Zvyagin is one of the oldest artists of the Leningrad/St. Petersburg scene (albeit currently residing in New York) who managed to express
The New Year holidays at New Holland Island 25.12.2018 — 08.01.2019 From 25 December to 8 January there will be a New Year Market in the courtyard of the Bottle on New Holland Island, with 14 stalls selling festive food, treats and gifts located around a central, 8-metre high Christmas Tree. The Bottle’s ground-floor residents will also be serving seasonal food and drink on two additional temporary stalls. The courtyard will be decked out
Andrey Chezhin. Drawing Pin and Modernism. 12.12.2018 — 27.01.2019 Erarta Museum presents a postmodernist textbook on modernism conceived by the Russian artist Andrey Chezhin. The Drawing Pin and Modernism project emerged and evolved gradually, its previous versions having already been presented to the Russian, European, and American viewers. What you see here is its definitive edition which went
Aleksey Lantsev. Well-organised Optimism. 30.11.2018 — 24.02.2019 Erarta Museum presents an exhibition of sun-filled paintings by the prominent Russian artist Aleksey Lantsev. Hedonism and the joy of living rarely appear in contemporary art, but Aleksey Lantsev somehow manages to generate solar power from paint and canvas. His paintings seem to bestow on the viewer a