From February 22nd till May 12 the Erarta Museum holds the exhibition of Alexander Savko “Heroes — Super”. The renowned Russian artist Alexander Savko has been making waves on the Moscow contemporary art scene for the past 20 or 25 years. Alexander Savko has an immediately recognizable style, a distinctive theme, a trademark approach. His absurdist
From 2 March, the Nicholas Hall in the Winter Palace is the setting for the exhibition “Jacob Jordaens (1593–1678). Paintings and Drawings from Russian Collections” that has been organized by the State Hermitage in conjunction with the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow and with the participation of the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine

Nicholas I (13.02.2019 – 20.05.2019)

The exhibition “NIcholas I” is opened in St Michael’s Castle, the State Russian museum 13.02.2019 – 20.05.2019 The sixth exhibition from the cycle “The Romanovs Family Saga” covers the personality and state affairs of Emperor Nicholas I, his foreign policy, the life of society, the imperial court and the royal family, as reflected in the
The exhibition “Abstract Art in Italy. Umberto Mariani” in the General Staff Building of Hermitage Museum. Umberto Mariani, a remarkable post-war exponent of Italian abstract art, is renowned for his complex draperies on unevenly shaped canvases. His works investigate the illusion of light and shade created within folds of fabric. Mariani has always been interested in the question
The exhibition, dedicated to the sacred art of the 17th century, presents works exclusively from the collection of the Russian Museum. Many of them are shown for the first time or with new attribution. An extensive collection of books, objects of jewelry, embroidery, icon painting, monumental painting of the 17th century, has been formed gradually
The “Stile Ducati” exhibition 15.02.2019 — 16.06.2019 Erarta museum proudly presents the first exhibition of Ducati motorcycles in Russia, a story of the immaculate Italian style and passion for speed. Each new Ducati model is the handcrafted result of a rigorous and inspired effort akin to those seen in artist studios. Over a span of