The exhibition dedicated to Anna Akmatova is opened in the Mikhailovsky Palace. It presents ten portraits of poet Anna Akhmatova in painting, graphics, and sculpture, created by the writer’s contemporaries. Her extraordinary, remarkable appearance and dignified conduct used to inspire many artists of her time.
The exhibition “The St. Petersburg Governorate in photographs from the 1860‒1910s from the collection of the Russian Museum” is held in the Stroganov Palace.  The collection of photomaterials is presented with pictures of architectural and park ensembles and the interior decoration of palaces, landscapes, everyday life events, country scenes, strolls through parks and forests. The collection includes amateur photography
The exhibition “The Morozov Brothers. Great Russian Collectors” will be held in the General Staff Building of the Hermitage from June 21. It will present 109 works of art from the stocks of the Hermitage and 31 paintings from the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts that were acquired by Ivan and Mikhail Morozov. Visitors will
The joint exhibition “Sacred Forest” by Valeriy Pchelin and Igor Mikhailenko is held in the Erarta Museum. It is showcasing abstract paintings and sculptural objects. The project’s title, Sacred Forest, alludes to Norse mythology and its version of the emergence of the world from chaos. A sanctuary reserved for ceremonies, the sacred forest manifests itself to those
The exhibition “Roberto Matta and the Fourth Dimensionin” is held in the White Hall of the General Staff Building of The State Hermitage Museum. This is the first time Russia will see the works of one of the last Surrealists, who is virtually unknown to the local audience.  Over 90 works from 23 private collections,