A week ago we had the events that were arranged by our management as a gratitude for the excellent work throughout the year! The final event was a boat trip along the Neva river. We once again proved that we are one big and friendly team! Photos – https://yadi.sk/d/y8ScweXK3aDZvU
Ambience and Neighbourhood Story. The unique atmosphere of the city on the Neva River gave life to the boutique Hotel Indigo St.Petersburg-Tchaikovskogo. Smoothly integrating into the cityscape of St.Petersburg the hotel located in a historical mansion concentrates the vast cultural heritage of the city in its image. The boutique Hotel Indigo St.Petersburg-Tchaikovskogo is flushed with the
Yesterday, 16.02.2017, was held  an evening for friends of Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg – Tchaikovskogo. The meeting took place in a Naryshkin –Trubetskoy’s palace, elegant facade of which is familiar to many residents of St. Petersburg. The first known owner of the building was the great-grandfather of Alexander Pushkin – Abram Hannibal. In 1855, Peter
On April 23, 2015, Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg-Tchaikovskogo celebrated its first anniversary. Since the hotel welcomed its first guests on April 7, 2014, the city of St. Petersburg received not only a new luxury hotel but also an exciting arts venue with a thriving cultural scene. Over just one year, the Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg-Tchaikovskogo
The Inauguration Ceremony was the first step in realization of the key concept of Hotel Indigo in St.Petersburg. Introduction of the Hotel’s concept to the guests began with the addressing of a famous St.Petersburg historian Lev Lourie. He talked with the audience about interesting stories related to the neighborhood of boutique Hotel Indigo St.Petersburg-Tchaikovskogo. The