A hidden treasure in the heart of historic St. Petersburg

17, Tchaikovskogo str
Indigo St. Petersburg-Tchaikovskogo Hotel

Feel the authentic atmosphere of St. Petersburg right in your suite. Enjoy the views of the city from a unique vantage point in the Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg-Tchaikovskogo.



Vino&Voda is an author’s cuisine restaurant located in the high 25-meter atrium of the Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg-Tchaikovskogo.

The interior of the atrium is decorated with paper installations by the Dutch sculptor Peter Gentenaar, emphasizing the volume and airiness of the space. Streams of light pouring from a 25-meter height through the glass roof and white marble floor maintain an atmosphere of luxury and elegance. The floor deserves a separate story. Its drawing is made in the spirit of optical illusions by the famous Dutch graphic artist Maurits Escher. Marble mosaic expands the space of the hall, giving the room grandeur. And the living "green wall" serves as a replica of the Summer Garden.

The terrace of Vino&Voda restaurant offers views across the city’s entire historic centre. 

view of the city from the terrace

the terrace on the seventh floor of the hotel offers the view of the whole historic center of the city