Travel like an explorer

Stay like a local.
Our philosophyIndigo Hotel

No two neighborhoods are alike. Neither are any two Hotel Indigo properties. Each hotel is as individual as its surroundings and is also a reflection of them.

You can taste the local flavor on our menus and see it in the art and photography displayed on our walls. You’ll catch guests and neighbors hanging out in our bars, get great advice from our team members on what to see and do in the neighborhood, and be refreshed by just how relaxed and inviting it all feels.

Stylish design with St. Petersburg flair
Hotel Indigo St.Petersburg-Tchaikovskogo is a source of inspiration for guests. Our goal is to give you the impetus to seek new experiences. The unique design concept of the premium class hotel, which tells the guests the history of the Foundry Yard, the Summer Garden, the embankments of St. Petersburg, arouses interest in a closer acquaintance with the city, gives rise to a desire to become related to the Northern capital.
Guide to Cultural Life
Hotel Indigo St.Petersburg-Tchaikovskogo — personal guide for each guest. An individual approach to travelers allows you to learn more about the city than is written in books, make friends with it and understand its character. Passing on the love for the city to its guests, the hotel becomes a source of information for them about the brightest and most intriguing events of its cultural life.
Our library
A special pride of the hotel is the library, which has more than 100 works of fiction, books on art history, the history of the city, including a unique collection of book miniatures. Bespoke designer bookcases are located in the lobby of the hotel. The space of the Afisha-bar, well-planned by the author, invites to unhurried reading. Books on local history are especially loved by our guests, because walks around St. Petersburg become much more interesting after reading the monographs of Lev Lurie and Sergey Glezerov.
Among the décor’s many fascinating features are designs of the hotel corridors in two concepts. On the odd floors of the hotel guests are greeted by ballerinas from the ballets of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, on the even floors — the specialists of the Foundry Yard cast their cannons. Not a single image on the walls of the hotel is repeated.